Concepts Unlimited is a full-service communications company working across Pakistan since 2012. We have a track record of delivering high profile projects for development, diplomatic, commercial and non- profit sector. Our four key areas of differentiation are:


Keen focus and a ridiculous eye for detail have enabled us to deliver, time and again for our clients. We understand the dynamics and fluid nature of today’s servicescape and have thus harmonized our organizational culture and integrated our supply chain to react at the drop of a hat; to effectively respond without ever compromising our clients value.


We have managed events for head of states, embassies, UN missions, INGOs and key donor organizations. This varied and diverse experience has ensured that we are never surprised and are able to leverage this wealth of experience to tackle any project.


Our people are our real strength. To manage changes on short notice and to take decisions off the cuff is what we are trained and empowered to do. Our entire team follows the mantra of client satisfaction. In the cyclonic chaos of event execution, our people are taught to go beyond the ToRs; we are hard coded to believe, that if it needs to be done, we will do it. This commitment to the client’s overall objectives has allowed us to develop relationships that go beyond signing of contracts.


In our line of work, network is the key. If you ask us to deliver an event in remote city in two days’ time, we can manage. Our network and lean organizational structure is what helps us deliver on short deadlines that are often unrealistic for other companies. This is because we are attuned to the culture of foreign missions and large international organizations and how things get approved at the last minute. We proudly say that we can service our clients across Pakistan, period.